Body of Work

This Body of Work represents Ivan's efforts since 2008 and reflects his commitment and personal mission to share his knowledge and wisdom with others.


What began as research eventually developed into group discussions, speaking engagements and expressing his knowledge and insights through a variety of websites.


Ivan offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and personal services to support you in your pursuit of a greater understanding of yourself, your experiences.

About me

Depending on your interests, I have provided my Personal Introduction, short Biography, Astrology, Aura Photos, Past Travels and Future Travels. Future content about my personal life will include my: Early Years, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Journey, and Realizing my Purpose which became the more

My Services

Through my inner journey, I have learned how to move beyond the limitations of my misbeliefs and how to help others move through their own life challenges. My services include: Personal Counseling, Life Coaching, Workshops & Seminars and Public Speaking on these and other important topics... read more

Beings of service

Once I learned the importance of nurturing myself, other people and our planet, my efforts have been dedicated to helping others gain a greater awareness of themselves and the world we live in. I have created several Organizations, Websites, Videos, a Radio Show, as well as offering my Personal Services. read more

Self Expression

My belief in questioning everything has lead me down a path of inward and outward discovery about the illusions and realities of the world we live in. With over 48 hours of recorded audio, this Radio Show has allowed me to share my knowledge and wisdom while learning valuable lessons for developing my self-expression... read more

My Beliefs

Like anyone, my spiritual journey has been filled with tough challenges and rewarding experiences that have changed my perception of myself and the world we live in.  I have learned, the Law of Attraction and what I call my spiritual teachings: "A Path To Self-Realization"...
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With over 20 years of experience working on myself and with others, I have gained a unique perspective to help people process through their challenges with greater speed and clarity. Any confirmation of my abilities is better left in the words of those who have received the benefits of my work. Here is what some of them have said... read more

Body of Work

Most of the work on this website represents my efforts since 2008 and includes several Books ( in various stages of completion), DVD's & CD's, Websites and Other Multimedia. It's provided here in hopes to attract multimedia industry contacts and ultimately a book publisher. 
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Ways to connect

This website, my Biography, Projects and Body of Work are provided here to connect with like-minded people who have similar interests and passions. You are welcome to contact me through any of my various Social Networks, Websites and this Contact Form. Skype, e-mail and other methods can be provided after initial introductions... read more


Timeline To The Future

Timeline To The Future provides truthful and scientific information on the theoretical and practical science related to natural and man-made events in the past, present and possible future. This site contains over 20 years of research and correlation between data from a variety of disciplines including: geology, archeology, cosmology, physics, ancient records, more

Heavenly Farms

Heavenly Farms is an organic food co-op that has a unique approach from most food co-ops where people either pay for a weekly basket of fresh produce or join together to plant and share their harvest. Instead, Heavenly Farms utilizes group buying power to purchase organic produce in bulk directly from the organic wholesalers. read more

Alkaline Health

Alkaline For Optimal Health, LLC (a.k.a. Fresh Water Depot) is dedicated to helping people learn how to achieve optimal health by simple changing what they eat and drink. They provide a wealth of information about the primary causes of illness and disease in the body, what anyone can do to improve their health and lifestyle naturally, along with dietary recommendations that can be more

Project TriStar

Project TriStar is a model for off-the-grid sustainable community based on natural and universal laws and that is being developed to provide a safe, peaceful, spiritual living environment for those who understand the wide range of consequences we may experience in the very near future. ... read more

Path to Self-Realization

A Path to Self-Realization is a refreshing and original perspective on conscious evolution and how universal laws manifest through our experiences. Self-realization is the process that transforms the talk into the walk, knowledge into wisdom and chaos into perfection. People from around the world have found this work to be a profound stepping stone...
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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to help individuals, groups and communities apply more sustainable practices in their daily lives in areas that include: housing, food, energy, health, self-sustainability, and community building.... read more

TriStar Media Group

TriStar Media Group, LLC is responsible for media management and distribution for Ivan's growing number of ongoing works, projects, and interests. The activities of TriStar Media Group include: speaking engagements, lectures, conferences, book publishing, video and DVD production, consulting services, website development and media distribution.
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Reality TV Show

This Sustainable Reality TV Show portrays sustainability with a fun, innovative, and exciting drama on an ever increasing global, cultural and social issue. Those who have read the project outline have expressed overwhelming enthusiasm and belief in its worldwide audience acceptance and market potential. This project is seeking the resources and collaborations that can bring it to market. read more



Ivan Stein is a successful entrepreneur, writer,and speaker whose motivations have evolved through the fields of science and engineering to those of personal transformation and global sustainability. Recognized as a self-starter and natural leader, Ivan started his first business at the age of eighteen with his career encompassing direct management roles in twelve start-up companies. Read more...

Spiritual Teacher

Self-starter and natural leader

Lots of Positive Reviews

Speaker and Motivator

Innovator and Inventor

Successful Entrepreneur

Books Written
Other Multimedia


Emilia Zavodszki
After years of learning and practicing spiritual techniques, I was confused about which teachings actually work. Ivan`s wisdom is a breath of fresh air that helped me cut through my confusion. His teachings led me to a freedom from anxiety about my challenges, direction and purpose. I am forever grateful!
Emilia Zavodszki Self-Employed
Lisa Zempel
In just a few sessions, Ivan has helped me learn so much about myself that I can now use to grow and heal as fast as I want. He has a true gift to see into the heart of issues and knows exactly how to help me work through them. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see my authentic self blossom!
Lisa Zempel Patient Access Specialist
Elke Ramsay
For years my life seemed like a dense forest with no way out. Ivan’s teachings and guidance have helped me clear the forest and see my challenges, worries and experiences as tremendous opportunities to grow and heal. His wisdom has provided a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Ivan!
Elke Ramsay Marketing Director
Evan Wilson
With each conversation, Ivan helps me see how I attract my experiences, what they are showing me and how to move forward with greater joy and confidence. His gifts of clarity and perception continue to amaze me! My life has been transformed into a peaceful warrior after a lifetime of fighting against myself.
Evan Wilson Self-Employed


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