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Mission & Vision

MISSION: To utilize creative production, marketing and distribution techniques to achieve mass market access for a variety of websites, books, videos and social media. To promote information and tools for elevating conscious awareness.

VISION: To help shift conscious understanding on the importance of the inner journey of self-realization, the outer journey of sustainability and the eternal journey of oneness. To provide personal perspectives that may inspire others into new realizations.

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TriStar Media Group is a multimedia organization established by Ivan "Evon" Stein to support his personal multimedia endeavors and to create a portal that provides access to other important Tools for Elevating Awareness.

The primary task of TriStar Media Group is to promote, market and distribute Ivan's various organizations, websites, books, DVD's and videos, “Realms of Reality” radio show, spiritual workshops entitled “A Path To Self-Realization”, and other documentary and media endeavors (see Ivan's Body of Work).

TriStar Media Group's headquarters is located in the sunny coastal city of Sarasota, Florida. As a company founded on the principles of conscious connection and co-creation, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality information, products, and services, and welcome your comments, questions and suggestion.

We have several ways to find what you are looking for or to contact us:

TriStar Media Group, LLC

P.O. Box 1884
Sarasota, Florida 34230 USA

+1 941-993-8087

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TriStar Media Group is a multimedia organization established by Ivan Stein.